The Little Girl with the Want To was created for several generations of readers with its personal account of a young girl’s first experience
with the Holy Spirit and its lasting effects into her adulthood. It inspires and encourages the youth to dare to be different and that it is more than okay
to give God their heart at an early age. And it provokes and enflames the adult to never give up on their dreams; to awaken the inner child on the
inside of each of us and rely on the Father who will never leave or forsake us.

In the small rural town of Williamston, North Carolina, little Lila’s safe haven called home has been disrupted by divorce, and now, a home invasion by
local authorities, which ends with her stepfather being arrested and sent to prison. She yearns for the love of a father and holds on to the hope of
one day, filling that awful void in her life. Will she ever discover that special love that arrests her soul and brings her full circle to her destiny and
purpose? Or will her growing pains and cares of this world deter her dreams?  

This debut storyline based on the life of its author Lita P. Ward, is a light-hearted, yet inspiring drama of youthfulness, inspiration, and the everlasting
love of God. You are guaranteed to laugh, cry and experience the southern colloquial of Martin County, USA as Lita shares memoirs of divorce,
thoughts of suicide and being stricken with cancer. Filled with local eastern North Carolina landmarks and descriptive jargon, it will warm your heart,
win you over, and leave you searching for the next Ward project.
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